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"Own The Wind" by Kristen Ashley

OMG I nearly died on Tuesday morning when I tried to download Kristen Ashley's new book "own the wind" and Amazon UK kindly informed me it wouldn't be available until June 2013. There were palpitations and raised blood pressure because having read the first couple of chapters a while back, I knew I had to have more and I knew this book was not going disappoint. In fact I don't think I have ever read a Kristen Ashley book that hasn't had me engrossed and captivated from the word go. So when I finally had "own the wind" in my possession on Tuesday night  and began my reading marathon, it had me hook, line and sinker, right from the outset.

“Own the Wind” had everything I want in a good read: a hot hero, a very cool heroine, love, action and a roller coaster of emotions which included massive highs that left me on cloud 9 to huge lows that completely took the breath out of me but I wouldn't have it any other way… not a cats chance in hell.
So what’s it about I hear you ask?
Tabitha Allen has a not-so-secret crush on Parker "Shy" Cage. Shy thinks he knows the path Tabby's on and it isn't a good one. So he decides to teach her a lesson to lead her to the right path. Unfortunately, he was wrong and his actions wound Tabby, breaking her heart:

"I'd loved him. It was young, faraway love, but sometimes that was the most intense kind, or it was when you're young and you love someone from afar. He'd crushed me, so bad I couldn't even re-experience it by sharing"
 It's Tabby who then teaches Shy a lesson about casting judgement and Shy Cage learns what it feels like to be invisible. But when tragedy strikes and Tabby's heart is broken again, Shy does what he can in the background to help. Trying to forget her heartbreak, Tabby finds herself in danger. To keep it secret from her biker family, the Chaos Motorcycle Club, she calls Shy to rescue her. But when she lets him back in, she gets much more than she bargained for. Well hell yes she does:
“You need a safe place just to forget shit and escape, I’ll give it to you. Tonight. Tomorrow. Next week. Next month. That safe place is me, Tabby”.

And here is… my new book boyfriend and by god, Kristen has described him so perfectly, I know exactly what he looks like in my head (swoon!!!!). He’s an alpha male, bad ass biker boy who is so god damn fine if he were real, he would have women fighting over him (nails, hair pulling and everything!!!! Lol). But as much as Shy Cage is a bad ass, he knows what Tabby needs, she needs a friend and this is what Shy offers.  Over the next few months we see this friendship grow but as readers we can see that both have feelings for each other… feelings that go beyond friendship.. but neither will share. These feelings go into the “pit of denial” where they fester.

The relationship between Shy and Tabby isn’t an easy one because Tabby is the daughter Tack (The president of the Chaos, the motorcycle club) and Shy is a “brother”:
“She was his brothers daughter and that was reason number one not to go there”

Didn’t get it, what I was feelin’, not until I heard you were getting’ hitched. Then I knew I was gone for you. Don’t know how it happened, just know it did.”
Just as Shy is a hottie, Tabby is a fantastic leading lady. She’s feisty, sarcastic, opinionated and knows how to get what she wants (including a deluxe fridge with an ice crusher!!! lol). She also knows how to hold a grudge and in some instances, this can go on for weeks, months or even years!!!!

"Girl, I'll remind you, you held a grudge for three days over crushed ice".
But she is also funny and witty and hopelessly devoted to Shy and we love this quality in her.
I have to tell you, there were a few surprises in this book, the first one being quite early on (around 26% on the kindle). I’m not going to spoil it but I so didn’t expect it… I’m sure I stopped breathing . My heart had broken into a million pieces and I felt well and truly crushed for Tabby:

"A huge wave crashed over me, pulling me under, whipping me around. I couldn't get myself under control. I couldn't strike out for the surface. I was drowning. I'd grown up in the world of bikers and I knew. I knew".

 But hey, that’s Kristen Ashley for you… just as you’re happily reading along… bam!!!!! Something completely knocks the wind out of you. And I can hear Kristen in my head shouting “Surprise!!!! Bet you didn’t expect that!!!!!). Nope I usually don’t.

“Own the Wind” almost had it all for me: a very hot alpha male, a feisty but adorable heroine, love, heart break,  a huge amount of angst and not forgetting the all important sex ( a lot of sex… very hot, steamy sex!!!) but that’s what makes Kristen Ashley’s books so addictive. There is something for everyone!!!!! On top of all of this, we also see cameos from another 2 very hot alpha males from the Rock Chick Series and The Dream Man Series:   Lee Nightingale and Hawk Delgado. Tex, Elvira and a few others also made an appearance which was great.

There were no dislikes with “Own the Wind”, but I did feel that there was not enough build up to both sub plots which featured in the story. Bits were mentioned but I really wanted to see more made of both story lines before I came face to face with them at around 70% plus (kindle). (Maybe I just wanted to see more of Lee Nightingale!!!! Lol). I also love reading Kristen Ashley’s epilogues and seeing each couples  “Happily Ever After”, especially seeing how their dreams of marriage and children pan out.

Shy announced, "Three and, babe, firm on that"
"Three what?" I asked.
"Kids", he answered and then continued. "And marriage. Firm on that too".

Again, I felt the epilogue a little short compared to what we normally get from Kristen. I just wanted a little more (I know… I’m so greedy.. lol).

Overall, a fantastic book, one which I really couldn’t put down. I would whole heartedly recommend this book and know you won’t be disappointed.
I have rated this book 4.5 Hearts (not a complete 5 because of the last couple of comments).
Cant wait for the next book in the “Chaos Series” which tells the story of Lanie and Hop entitled
“Fire Inside” and is out in June 2013
In terms of  reading orders, “Own the Wind” can be read as a stand alone. However, I truly believe that in order the fully appreciate the story, “Motorcycle Man” from the “Dream Man Series” by Kristen Ashley should be read first as this is the story of Tack (Tabby’s dad) and Tyra and introduces us to the world of Chaos.

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