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"Never Too Far" by Abbi Glines

I read this book when it was first launched back in March and just loved it. I had been waiting (for what felt like) forever for another dose of Rush and Blaire and when it finally arrived I wasn’t  disappointed. I read “Never Too Far” again yesterday as I didn’t want to miss anything out when I wrote this review and omg it was just as good second time round.
So, at the end of the first book, we saw “the secret” finally revealed and Blaire absolutely crushed. Everything she believed had been a lie and she was devastated.  The killer blow came when she found out  Rush had known all along and had taken Nan’s side

It had been Nan’s story to tell and no one else’s in Rush’s eyes. But I disagreed.
It was my story too. Nan still had both her parents and her brother. I had no one.

“Never too Far” began with a secret but this time it was Blaire’s.!!!! And thank god this time we got in on it right from the start. I don’t think I could have waited until the end of this book for this one to be revealed. It was huge and it affected Rush this time but he didn’t have a clue. Not even an inkling:
I hated liar .... but I was about to become one for a while.
This time it was me that had a secret to keep.
I fell in love with Rush all over again in this book. He was still hot (really hot) but we saw a whole new side to him. He was vulnerable, desperate, scared even at times. Definitely not the Rush we were used to. He would do anything to have Blaire back in his life:
“What if she does come back. What will you do? Grant asked me
I’d beg
He knew the damage his family had inflicted on her and was trying so hard to make immense. He wanted to protect Blaire and he was going to put her first, even if that meant putting Nan in her place:
“I want her back here, Nan. You may not want to hear this but I love her. I will stop at nothing to make sure she’s safe. She is secure and no one and I do mean no one, not even my sister, will make her feel unwanted”.
And so my heart melted even more.
Blaire returned to Rosemary with a plan: make enough money in four months and get the hell out of there (sound familiar? Yes the same plan as “Fallen Too Far” lol). This time however, she had to contend with her conflicted feelings for Rush. She loved him , that was a fact but it was everything else that he represented:
... the lies. The deceit. Who he was. All that kept me from saying the words
he deserved to hear..

With both of them in Rosemary and Blaire working back at the golf club, it was inevitable that their paths would cross and their feelings towards each other would resurface (and boy did they resurface). Each time they saw one another, I knew I was one step closer to seeing them back together. I was rooting for them... grinning like a Cheshire cat as they edged closer and closer.
This book  was a hell of a lot steamier than the first one... so much sexual tension and some of the situations they faced had me howling with laughter. Although Blaire’s secret was a serious one, the impact it had at times was just hilarious.  It left both characters so confused... and poor Rush, he really didn’t know if he was coming or going (both figuratively and literally speaking lol):
I was going to come in my pants. I’d never been this turned on in my life.  

 Something was different.
And Blaire... who was she trying to convince? Of course she wanted Rush. She used every excuse in the book not to get back with him but she couldn’t resist:
Oh hell, I might not be able to trust him with my heart,
but I really wanted to trust him with my body”
“Trying to separate the two? Really? Is that the best you can come up with?”. Ok so these were the kinds of conversations I found myself having... yes with a book character!!! I’m sure you’ve all done it. :0)
Although this book still had its fair share of angst,. It was more light hearted than “Fallen Too Far” and I found myself crying with laughter on more than one occasion. Despite this, the drama and  the twists and turns still had me on the edge of my seat . Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down. I was so desperate for Rush and Blaire to have their “Happily ever after” but I knew it was not going to be plain sailing. They would have to contend with a number of hurdles including Rush and his inability to put Blaire first (not intentionally of course) but on more than one occasion. Yup, that really did make my blood boil. But do you know what, the heart always wins over the mind.
I loved, loved , loved this book.
I have rated it a massive 5 Hearts.
I wouldn’t hesitate recommending either books in series. They were Brilliant.
And guess what? There is a book three. Oh yes, Abbi Glines has very generously decided to give us another dose Rush and Blaire (Yippeee!!!!) She has even given us a teaser so go click on the link below and check it out:

“Forever Too Far” will be released late summer 2013.

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